• Disabled Mediatree component (needs upgrade to Python 3) – planned for v0.4
  • Disabled Newsletter component (needs upgrade to Python 3) – planned for v0.4
  • Added Python 3 support
  • Switched from develop/master model to feature branching model (default branch: master)
  • Migrated project to Django 1.8.8 and django CMS 3.2
  • Added sample content loading (first using fixtures, later converted to management command)
  • Integration of Piwik open source analytics (optional via django-analytical)
  • Added some test coverage, finally!
  • Started with continuous builds (Travis-CI, Shippable)


  • Project-level Makefile
  • Automation of translation processes with Transifex (for documentation only)
  • New options for settings (ORGANICE_URL_PATH_...)
  • Newsletter editor configuration, newsletter template sample
  • Added social login and user profiles (django-allauth)
  • Added assets pipeline (bootstrap-sass, Compass, UglifyJS v2)
  • Upgraded jQuery to v1.11.0, template overhaul with Bootstrap
  • Added language selection dropdown menu
  • Migrated theme data (templates, styles, and javascript) and assets pipeline to separate projects
  • Generation of server configuration (lighttpd) and more options in organice-setup
  • Added media management (django-media-tree)
  • Added todo lists (django-todo)
  • Added generic analytics (django-analytical)


  • Initial release
  • Based on Django 1.5.5, django CMS 2.4.3, Zinnia blog 0.13, Emencia newsletter
  • A more natural i18n mechanism than vanilla Django, no language prefix for default language
  • Setup script with project generation, deployment settings, custom templates, Bootstrap 3